Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photograph of the Day

A couple of years ago, a swarm of honey bee's attacked our house.  They first started entering through a crack in the bricks where the gas line went into the house.  We sure didn't want a stache of soured honey smelling up the place, so we got on the phone trying to find someone that could move the swarm out.  No luck. So, we bought a few cans of foam and started sealing up everyplace we could and I think we may have caught the queen on the hive early enough that the workers could not get in to store the honey.  However, they did try the best they could to get to her and first started swarming inside the attic by going through the attic vent.  We carried some pesticide up there and sprayed which made them swarm in a small group on the side of the house right outside the vent.  From there we sprayed them and I thought we had killed them all until I started to make a picture of the Magnolia bloom when the last bee flew between my camera and the blossom. I guess its still out there somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

If I can't get enough honey this year, I am going to blame your.