Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Saga Of The Female Mannequin (Part 2)

One day when my wife had gone to kindergarten to pick up our five-year-old daughter, I sneaked the mannequin into the bathroom, and stood her just inside the door and turned the light out.  (The following is my daughters remembrance of what happened)

Mom stopped out front to talk to Grandpa, but being a typical kid, I had to go straight to the bathroom, so she opened the front door for me and I went inside. The bathrooms in that house were side by side in a hall that ran in the middle behind the living room and between the kitchen and the bedrooms. If all the doors were closed (& they often were), that was a DARK hallway. Rushing in that day, I wasn’t paying any attention to the dark and ran into the bath, reached up to turn on the light switch and touched a face.

I honestly don’t remember exactly what happened after that, but I’m pretty sure that it involved screaming and running right back out the front door and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I had my first “accident” in years. Grandpa went in, found the mannequin and tried to calm down his scared granddaughter and shaken daughter-in-law.

Don’t remember much else; except for some comments about maybe he’d be taking a belt to his “grown” son for scaring us to death and justifications that Dad made about expecting Mom to go in to the bathroom and it wasn’t meant for me. Basically, I don’t think that made much difference to Grandpa, because scaring Mom wasn’t much better than scaring me….

I do remember that the mannequin stayed at the warehouse – in the back and that my brother and I would want to go and find it but be too scared to venture to far back there.

Election 2010

I was watching Nancy Pelosi’s demeanor on TV the other day, and it appears to me that she does not realize what just happened in the election.

She was acting just as happy as if she had won the lottery, which surprised me, as I would have expected her to be really down and out.

Now, I have been wrong before, but I do believe that that woman has lost her senses.  She is probably in need of some counseling but does not realize it.

I hope someone close to her will get her some help before she does something to herself that can’t be reversed.  This is my opinion and I am sticking with it.