Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Red Tailed Hawk

This has been a sad day in the backyard.  Early this morning while my soul-mate was having coffee on the patio, a red tailed hawk that lives in the neighborhood came swooping down and feasted on a newborn mocking bird. No matter how hard the parents fought, they could not keep the hawk from its fine meal.

Of course, this really put a quite on the birds in the backyard and for the rest of the morning, there was hardly a bird to be seen.  Usually, there are close to a hundred birds twittering around at the feeders and bath enjoying the surroundings that we have made for them.  Maybe tomorrow they will come out of hiding and keep us entertained again, but for today the hawk has made "a sad day" for us, and a scary day for the birds.

If you would like to take a look at some of our bird friends, go to:

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Anonymous said...

The hawk that used to call my back yard part of his territory has bit the dust. The dove population has really picked up now that our hawk has deceased. I wonder how long before another claims his territory, do you know? I have never thought about it before but just was wondering...How is the ad business going..I click on an ad everytime I visit your site. I hope it helps. Pete